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CardioPulmonary Pocket Laboratory

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CardioPulmonary Pocket Laboratory

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Spirotel is a mobile health, mini-laboratory which integrates 4 devices in one:

  1. Spirometer
  2. Intelligent 3D Oximeter®
  3. Triaxial Accelerometer
  4. E-Diary

Multi-functional; Spirometry, Electronic Diary, Oximetry, Step Counter, 6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT) and Movement Analysis during Sleep.

  • Easy to use – touchscreen for the patient. Easy for the doctor to parameterise.
  • Intuitive operation – traffic light system, questionnaire and reminders to help the patient.
  • Flexible – integration with numerous protocols. Customised software and hardware.
  • Extended memory – stores up to 10,000 spirometric curves.
  • Small size – usable in any situation and easy to transport.
  • Rechargeable Battery – durable, usability anywhere inspires confidence.
  • Comprehensive communication – transmits data via USB, Bluetooth®, email and FTP.


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