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NicoletOne vEEG System

A Cost Effective Value EEG System

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NicoletOne vEEG System

NicoletOne vEEG System

A Cost Effective Value EEG System

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The NicoletOne vEEG system offers excellent value without compromising quality. This system delivers essential features for efficient performance, making it ideal for your clinical needs.

The NicoletOne vEEG system offers all the features of sophisticated EEG systems such as photic stimulation, timers for hyperventilation, data remontaging, reports and more. NicoletOne vEEG can also be enhanced with a number of optional add-on packages including digital video, spike and seizure detection or sleep analysis.

Flexible Options
Synchronous Video: Up to 640 x 480 resolution.
Spike and Seizure Detection: Online and offline Spike and Seizure detection with user configurable parameters. Spike sensitivity can be modified post acquisition via a slider control, quickly displaying the resulting changes.

Trend Analysis: Offline and online trend analysis.  Envelope, total power,
absolute band power, relative band power, amplitude integrated EEG, spectral
edge and spectrogram. Unlimited number of simultaneous trends.  Individual
filter settings for each trend.

Topographic Brain Maps: Band Power, Coherence & Amplitude maps.
Remote Control: Control a recording session remotely.  Provides all the functionality of the acquisition program on a Review System connected via Local Area Network (LAN).

Remote Review: Remotely review data over the Internet using a Citrix server to make timely patient care-related decisions

Sleep Analysis: Transform your system into a fully-functional polysomnography system.

NicVue Connect HL7: Package seamlessly connects diagnostic equipment to the Hospital Information System (HIS).


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