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Synergy on Nicolet® EDX

Electrodiagnostics Systems
Fast, efficient workflow meets improved patient care

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Synergy on Nicolet® EDX

Synergy on Nicolet® EDX

Electrodiagnostics Systems
Fast, efficient workflow meets improved patient care

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The Nicolet EDX system combines state of the art technology with
over 60 years of proven clinical knowledge and innovation to set new
standards for EMG, NCS, EP and IOM testing.

With the industry leading Synergy software, users can benefit from a familiar
clinical workflow and user interface together with full patient and protocol
compatibility with existing Synergy products.

NEW USB control panel option
Advanced, innovative clinical features:
• Multi-MUP
• Quantitative Analysis

Technology-driven flexibility:
• Rapid response clinical workflows
• Customizable reports
• Extensive database accessibility

• HL7 Gateway & advanced connectivity

Synergy Software Features

Innovative features developed to reduce artifacts, reduce operator errors,
and improve ease of use. Synergy software not only provides exceptional
quality electrodiagnostic studies for routine examinations, but also in the
most difficult clinical environments. Synergy software is a global leader
for use in clinical research.

New! with latest software release:
• 16 channel clinical IOM/EP option
• Multi-MUP, SFEMG & clinical workflow improvements
• MUNIX & Quantitative Analysis improvements
• HL7 Gateway & connectivity options
• Nerve Conduction, F Wave & H Reflex enhancements
• Enhanced database & report functionality
• Improved user interface for changing setups/protocols

A Clinical Leader in Exam Options

Motor Nerve Conduction
Sensory Nerve Conduction
Combined Sensory Index
Combined Motor & Sensory F-Wave
Blink Reflex
Repetitive Nerve Stimulation
Inching Studies
Needle EMG
Single Fiber EMG
Multi-MUP Analysis
Turns and Amplitude Analysis Macro EMG
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
Auditory Evoked Potentials
Visual Evoked Potentials
Contingent Negative Variation
R-R Interval
Sympathetic Skin Response
Galvanic Skin Response
Intra Operative Monitoring
Conduction Velocity Distribution
Triple Stimulation (Not available in US)
Tremor Analysis (Not available in US)


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