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Synergy on UltraPro S100

An efficient and reliable
portable EMG solution

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Synergy on UltraPro S100

Synergy on UltraPro S100

An efficient and reliable
portable EMG solution

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Reliability, Performance, Portability – Exceptional Value

With over 60 years of proven experience, Natus Neurology introduces the Synergy UltraPro S100. Featuring automatic reporting and user-friendly hardware and software, the Synergy UltraPro S100 bundles high performance, ease of use, and exceptional value in a compact and reliable package.

Ease of Use
The Synergy UltraPro S100 allows you to efficiently complete
procedures and examinations, providing industry leading
quantitative data, analysis, and results quickly. The Synergy
UltraPro S100 also includes a robust Help menu to provide
immediate support assistance for many areas, as well as industry
leading instructional videos for any training follow-up or refresher.

Proven Reliability
Built on the 60-year heritage of Nicolet®, Dantec™, Xltek® and Teca®
brands, Synergy UltraPro S100 was developed in close cooperation
with physicians and technologists and continues a tradition of
providing reliable and dependable electrodiagnostic equipment.

High Quality
All-in-one electrodiagnostic system with dedicated controls,
integrated stimulators and exceptional audio and signal quality.
Exceptional Value
Affordable equipment that is flexible and powerful enough to meet
your diagnostic needs without compromising ease of use or quality.

Trouble-Free Installation
With only 3 cables, setup is easy and no installation support is
required. Minimal set up time, allows you to start performing
studies immediately.


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