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Vista Ultrasound

Making Ultrasound Accessible in a
Compact & Affordable Package

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Vista Ultrasound

Vista Ultrasound

Making Ultrasound Accessible in a
Compact & Affordable Package

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Natus Neurology proudly introduces Vista Ultrasound. It is an affordable, easy-to-use option that allows you to perform ultrasound studies on your EMG system hardware. This compact solution makes ultrasound readily accessible, lends efficiency to your practice and expands your testing portfolio.

The Vista Ultrasound system supports the performance of musculoskeletal and abdominal studies. It is a complementary technology to EMG studies performed in the hospital lab or private practice locations. The Vista system utilizes the
USB port and display of the EDX or UltraPro S100 EMG systems with EMG v21.0.1 software or higher.

Vista Ultrasound includes:
• Vista application software
• 12 MHz, MV, Superficial Structures Probe: Scanning depth ranging from 0 to 2.5 cm at 8 - 15 MHz scanning frequency
– OR –
• 7.5 MHz, VC, Deep Structures Probe : Scanning depth ranging from 0.5 to 5 cm at 5 - 12 MHz scanning frequency

Key Features
• Compact size allows easy accessibility wherever needed
• Overcomes space restrictions by expanding utilization of the EMG workstation
• Affordable complementary technology
• Data quality ensures easily recognizable structures and landmarks
• Ease-of-Use allows you to save, send and print images or create full patient reports
• Built-in measurements, calculations, autoscan mode, saves time and improves efficiency
• Perform confirmatory ultrasound procedures in one patient visit


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